3N17   White Mountain

Adopted by:  Orange County 4 Play

Big Bear Lake Area Trails

DIFFICULTY: Difficult Blue Road

ACCESS FROM 3N16 east of Big Pine Flat and from 3N14 near the junction with 4N16.

Many long, steep, rocky climbs and descents. Several bypasses which are MOST

DIFFICULT and can be very dangerous - Cal 3 Wheel Hill, Suicide Hill, Frustration Hill. The

bypasses are not considered to be legal roads by the forest service. Exercise extreme

caution and do not attempt with traveling in a group.

The San Bernardino

National Forest


Program maintains

over 600 miles of

roads and trails.

Please support the

program by donating

to the SBNF Friends,

the non-profit group

for the SBNF



3N17   White Mountain

3N17   White Mountain

Lake Arrowhead Area Trails


Big Bear Area 4x4 Trails GrizzlyCon Trail Big Bear's Rubicon

Big Bear Lake Area Access Guide CLICK HERE!

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